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Phillies Parade!

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Some coworkers and I got hooked up with a good, safe, uncrowded place to watch the parade right at 18th and Market. It was great! Most of my pictures are taken through a window so they aren't perfect, but we had a great view!

Kale came in with me to work on the bus and he went right down to the stadium to do his press credential work. Kerry got on the press bus, which was the first bus to go through, and it's bullshit because he is a Red Sox fan. Pat Burrell was the grand marshall i think and was on the Budweiser clydesdale cart. I could see the Phanatic, Larry Anderson, Scott Franzke, Scott Palmer, Cole Hamels, Brett Myers. I couldn't spot many other people but I know they were there!

Once the parade went through with the last cops, the crowd broke through all the barriers and followed them down to the stadium. I don't know how Kale is ever going to get home because there is probably at least a million people down there right now. Man.

Tonight is the Henri David ball, which should be a trip too. Cheryl is coming but she had a terrible night last night. She was supposed to be selling her house on Monday and moving into a new apartment at Waterfront Square. I'm not sure how all the conversations went down, but basically she got totally screwed out of her apartment for a couple reasons. One, the agent didn't complete the paperwork. Two, she never insisted on seeing a signed agreement, probably because she thought she was dealing with professionals. Three, the owners are saying they want more money per month. Four, they say they have a person willing to pay more per month but that person is only staying 4-6 months. Five, they have someone who is currently leasing the place but not living there (!?!). Six, she is going to stay there for a year and a half lease. What a pain.

So we'll probably head down together at some point. I am allowed to leave work now and will go shop for my costume amongst the insanity. Ugh, I hope everything will be ok. Kale is stuck at the stadium with no subway running so that really blows.
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