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I think I found my invitations! I would change the ink to purple as well as the envelope liner.
They are delicate but very pretty and will look lovely in a frame next to a wedding photo! I'm sure Kale will be ok with them. Then, I'll head back to the little printing place in Conshy and order away! yay for decisions! I've got him working on some hotels and a DJ guy he knows, so things are progressing.

I went over to the super cheap gym, Superfit. I am feeling really nervous about changing gyms for some reason. I don't know why. But, I do know that this place smelled like sweat. Sweat did not smell like sweat. Why is that? They dont have any towels they give out... Hm.
It was around 12:30 and the treadmills were packed. this makes me nervous too! They have 65 pieces of cardio ellipticals without handlebars but that is ok. Apparently there was a gym class going on at the time on the treadmills. Interesting. They have these 30 minute circuit trainings at 5:30 every day too. The weights don't go any higher than 80lbs so you won't see muscleheads there. It's $50 to join (lame) but $11 per month with only 30 days to cancel. Not that I would cancel in the next 6 months thanks to that initiation fee (lame). The guy wouldn't budge on that cuz "it's $11 a month." Personal training is separate and not booked through the club, about $50-$60 per hour. Not bad I guess? I just want once a week bridal bootcamp crap. Not that I truly need it I guess...just the kick in the butt.

The smell really turned me off, but the price is a plus. Bleh, decisions. I should look into the community center really quick too. They are $395 for the year and have a pool and some other classes and stuff. Not sure where they are located, but it can't be worse than Superfit, about a 5 minute ride.
I walked into Gold's Gym, waiting for no one to show up at the desk, then walked out. $40 a month I think. Ohhh...then there is Conshy Fitness which is two seconds from the train station!! ooh! $300 paid in full for the year isn't bad for that kind of convenience. Either that or $35 a month.

But, at least I found an invite!!
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