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Babies and Holidays update

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Don't mind me...just taking selfies at the gym. :)

Today I'm 21 weeks 4 days. Still feeling great! The gym is still comfortable for me, though I am definitely getting noticeably bigger and not trying to hide it. :) I mostly wear tanks because my t-shirts are now getting too short to cover me appropriately. Plus I'm actually getting warmer at the gym and more sweaty than I was about 4 weeks ago. I'm waiting for that flushed pregnant lady thing to take effect. I'm also waiting for someone to say something to me about it, but no one has. I almost thought a guy doing freeweights was give me negative looks and he was contemplating saying something to me. You know how you can just "feel" that kind of thing coming? But he didn't. I have my response mostly planned out if anyone gave me shit, and it involves calling them "doctor" and thanking them for their unsolicited opinion. But I think most people feel happy for me that I'm pregnant and active.

We had a full anatomy scan on 12/26 and it couldn't have been better! What a relief. They are measuring exactly the same size, right on target and are 13 oz each, which is almost a pound. The baby websites describe their size as "large banana".

We confirmed that I have a boy and a girl!! So happy about that! The boy is still much more active than the girl, and during the ultrasound he twisted around a bit. Last night he must have turned completely over because I got knees and all kinds of stuff poking out. LOTS of movement, which is just the coolest thing ever. She hardly moved, which I find scary at times, but she gave me a little kick or fist pound (who knows which it is). During the scan he was head down, which is GREAT, and she was head up. If I have any hope of a natural delivery I need him to stay head down. It would be preferable if she turned that way too.

Anyway, their fluid was good (sometimes a twin will have low fluid) and my cervix was nice and long (another potential issue is cervical shortening, and in that case I'd need a stitch put in to keep the cervix closed plus bed rest.)

From the ultrasound we went to Babies R Us to do the registry. I wanted Kale there to help pick out the big stuff we'd both be using: crib, car seat, stroller, etc. And it helped because that stuff is too heavy for me to lift. Babies R Us doesn't provide you much physical help, except the college student (guy) who is the "expert" on car seats. Right. I decided to go back with my cousin another time to look at breast feeding supplies and other essentials that she recommends. It was an overwhelming experience, but I'm taking it in bites and adding stuff to Amazon too when I get a chance.

Our Christmas was nice. Actually, it started early Christmas Eve when my work building was shut down due to a power failure and gas leak! Yay! So I hit the gym around 10am and got home in time to travel up to the Lehigh Valley with Kale. His grandparents were moved into an assisted living home two days earlier. It's a relief but I'm sure it's hard for Kale to see. Even in the past week since they've gotten there, his grandmother has really taken a turn for the worse cognitively. She doesn't know how to wash herself, constantly repeats her stories, and is getting a lot of things confused. I'm sure a move like that must put her even further off the rails because she doesn't realize where she is or that she isn't moving back to the old house. His grandfather is doing well with his walking and physically much better than 6 months ago when we thought his body was breaking down completely. He loves the food there. He is very stingy with his Depends though and constantly smells awful, soaking through his clothes and not using more than 2 Depends a day or something ridiculous.

I made Christmas lunch of a ham, turkey (cooked on the grill), stuffing, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole. All was good, though I wouldn't do the stuffing again. My parents and his parents came over and we had a nice day. I got Kale Itchy and Scratchy dolls, so despite our initial plan not to do it, we did a Facebook announcement using the dolls. It was cute, and I think every single person I am friends with either Liked the post or made a comment. The outpouring of well wishes was amazing!

I had off from Christmas until today, Kale did the same with the exception of a stopover at work for a couple hours one day. We both really loved the Staycation and he felt like he was recharging his batteries. We did a 1,000 piece puzzle of beer labels, saw Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle, finished Season 3 of Breaking Bad and visited a few folks like Ali & Billy, Bubba Lou and Randy, Sarah, Steve and Rebecca, etc. It was really, really nice and very rejuvenating. I'm so so glad we did it.

For New Year's we went to Mike and Jen's apartment in Fairmount. There were about 10 people there, mostly his coworkers. All really sweet people. We flipped around watching the different New Year's channels, chatted, had a good time. The ball dropped and we made a bunch of noise. Kale did our traditional Irish Car Bomb, which I virginized by making hot chocolate and dropping a shot of Bailey's Irish Mudslide coffee creamer into it. It was the best! Then he did a second one, which I'm pretty sure made everyone sick later, Kale included (almost). The karaoke machine was broken out and terrible 80s music was sung. We left at 2, and the roads were busy but not too bad. People weren't insane or swervy, thankfully. I would have liked to leave earlier, but I got two naps earlier in the evening that sorta helped the utter exhaustion that hits around 11:30 usually, and we were having a good time. Kale said he almost lost it during the drive home, then he slept on the sofa with the bucket next to him. Later he crawled into bed and he was a mess for the first half of the day. He was much better once he had a good lunch at his Aunt and Uncle's house.

Overall, it was a great holiday for us, and I'm really looking forward to having crawly babies this time next year wreaking (sp?) havoc! Hope it was great for everyone and that we all have a happy, HEALTHY 2014!
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