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Babies and Holidays update   
10:35am 02/01/2014
  IMG_1277 IMG_1286

Don't mind me...just taking selfies at the gym. :)

Today I'm 21 weeks 4 days. Still feeling great! The gym is still comfortable for me, though I am definitely getting noticeably bigger and not trying to hide it. :) I mostly wear tanks because my t-shirts are now getting too short to cover me appropriately. Plus I'm actually getting warmer at the gym and more sweaty than I was about 4 weeks ago. I'm waiting for that flushed pregnant lady thing to take effect. I'm also waiting for someone to say something to me about it, but no one has. I almost thought a guy doing freeweights was give me negative looks and he was contemplating saying something to me. You know how you can just "feel" that kind of thing coming? But he didn't. I have my response mostly planned out if anyone gave me shit, and it involves calling them "doctor" and thanking them for their unsolicited opinion. But I think most people feel happy for me that I'm pregnant and active.

We had a full anatomy scan on 12/26 and it couldn't have been better! What a relief. They are measuring exactly the same size, right on target and are 13 oz each, which is almost a pound. The baby websites describe their size as "large banana".

We confirmed that I have a boy and a girl!! So happy about that! The boy is still much more active than the girl, and during the ultrasound he twisted around a bit. Last night he must have turned completely over because I got knees and all kinds of stuff poking out. LOTS of movement, which is just the coolest thing ever. She hardly moved, which I find scary at times, but she gave me a little kick or fist pound (who knows which it is). During the scan he was head down, which is GREAT, and she was head up. If I have any hope of a natural delivery I need him to stay head down. It would be preferable if she turned that way too.
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09:48am 14/04/2010
  I forgot to mention my race results from Sunday were better than I thought. The results are here! I was 5th in my age division. If only I was 30, I would have been 2nd!! I was 9th out of 322 women. Woah! That is a great stat, but it might have to do with all the walkers. If I had run this race last year I would have placed even higher in my age group. I'm really proud of all this, almost as much as I'm proud about the pen from Carnegie class!  
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12:28pm 28/12/2009

Originally uploaded by marimbagrrl
I think I found my invitations! I would change the ink to purple as well as the envelope liner.
They are delicate but very pretty and will look lovely in a frame next to a wedding photo! I'm sure Kale will be ok with them. Then, I'll head back to the little printing place in Conshy and order away! yay for decisions! I've got him working on some hotels and a DJ guy he knows, so things are progressing.

I went over to the super cheap gym, Superfit. I am feeling really nervous about changing gyms for some reason. I don't know why. But, I do know that this place smelled like sweat. Sweat did not smell like sweat. Why is that? They dont have any towels they give out... Hm.
It was around 12:30 and the treadmills were packed. this makes me nervous too! They have 65 pieces of cardio equipment...no ellipticals without handlebars but that is ok. Apparently there was a gym class going on at the time on the treadmills. Interesting. They have these 30 minute circuit trainings at 5:30 every day too. The weights don't go any higher than 80lbs so you won't see muscleheads there. It's $50 to join (lame) but $11 per month with only 30 days to cancel. Not that I would cancel in the next 6 months thanks to that initiation fee (lame). The guy wouldn't budge on that cuz "it's $11 a month." Personal training is separate and not booked through the club, about $50-$60 per hour. Not bad I guess? I just want once a week bridal bootcamp crap. Not that I truly need it I guess...just the kick in the butt.

The smell really turned me off, but the price is a plus. Bleh, decisions. I should look into the community center really quick too. They are $395 for the year and have a pool and some other classes and stuff. Not sure where they are located, but it can't be worse than Superfit, about a 5 minute ride.
I walked into Gold's Gym, waiting for no one to show up at the desk, then walked out. $40 a month I think. Ohhh...then there is Conshy Fitness which is two seconds from the train station!! ooh! $300 paid in full for the year isn't bad for that kind of convenience. Either that or $35 a month.

But, at least I found an invite!!
12:12pm 19/11/2009
  Information for Sean Neill's funeral arrangementsCollapse )  
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03:47pm 14/08/2009
  I thought this sounded interested, so I'm posting it:


It is an event happening tonight, so I can't go. But it supports an organization that helps domestic violence victims have their teeth repaired.
04:30pm 12/08/2009


It's 5 miles away from where I usually run, but still awfully frightening.
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03:22pm 07/07/2009
  Everything was fine with my PET Scan--no sign of anything, which is very cool. What a relief, though I still feel anxious and like I have a lump in the back of my throat. I guess it's nothing some time at the gym, an allergy pill and relaxing in front of the teevee won't cure. This time, none of my general complaints mattered much to him as they weren't related to the hodgkins. Plus I 'graduated' from 6-month PET scans to yearly.

All in all, good news and happy cancerversary to me!
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01:55pm 02/07/2009
  I saw something really interesting on a show called Nova ScienceNOW this week. A couple things, actually.
Now, the host of the show looks like he is stuck in a 1980s time warp with a large fade type of haircut and ugly vests. But he is a happy-go-lucky kinda guy and very interesting, which I enjoyed. There were stories on this week's episode about anthrax, diamonds, and all kinds of other stuff. I wanted to share this story about reCAPTCHA.
Here is the link with a video: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sciencenow/0401/04.html

Do you know what reCAPTCHA is? When you go to order something or sign up for something online, you have to tell the computer what the words you see are. It started as an anti-spammer effort thanks to Yahoo asking this student to try to solve the problem of bots signing up for email addresses. the bots can't read the scrambled words.

THEN, that guy got a job scanning in tons and tons of old books for Google I believe. The problem was, the computers scanning the books couldn't read the scrambled words because of how faded or messy the book had become over time.

Being the genius that he is (as demonstrated by his MacArthur Genius Grant), he combined the CAPTCHA and this book scanning into one. So, basically, you are helping decipher words to books every time you fill one of those forms out!! I think it's pretty damn cool and interesting. Check out the video.

I also watched the new Nova episode before that, which was about Music and the brain and showed Functional MRI's performed while someone listened to or thought about music. Super cool nerdiness in my house Tuesday night!
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11:12am 19/06/2009
  Wedding photo food pron:
10:44am 11/06/2009
  Seriously, people are so creative:

I'm getting married! Holy shit!   
12:02am 02/06/2009
  Vegas was totally cool:

Totally hot:

And we totally got engaged!!

I hope to finally have a chance to write something about it tomorrow!
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08:41pm 26/04/2009
  Some photos from the garden-in-progress, one week old!

From 2009 Gardening

My water wormie and rosemary

From 2009 Gardening


From 2009 Gardening

Buttercrunch lettuce doing well...

I am trying out a new photo sharing site via google/gmail. i am tired of Flickr's restriction on free accounts (cuz i'm cheap). Extensive weekend update tomorrow morning! It was a good and busy weekend and I can't go to bed early because Kale is finally coming home!
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08:14pm 31/12/2008
  ok, this officially sucks. every 15-30 minutes i have terrible stomach cramps all over. i am praying, praying, praying it doesn't get any worse. i also have a slight fever that is going up even 15-30 minutes when i check it. i am freezing but my face is flush. i am under a blanket, but it's not weird for me to be cold like this. I am slowly getting a headache too.

If i had to guess, i'd go with a norovirus. wtf, people?? i need this to pls stop in its tracks and be better before tomorrow, thx. ugh.

i don't mind missing nye, but seeing the fireworks on delaware ave in a gorgeous apartment sure would have been nice! plus i bought all that damn food and have 5 pounds of pork hanging out in my fridge.

Oh, and despite the stomach cramps, i am STARVING.

Happy New Year all.
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09:17pm 27/11/2008

Originally uploaded by marimbagrrl
Here are some photos from our St. Thomas trip! A few obligatory bathing suit shots, lots of pics of the view from the hotel. I'm still holding onto my tan somehow.

Today we did the two Thanksgivings. Drove up to Emmaus around 11:30, then down to jersey getting there by 5. Two dinners, two turkeys, two mashed potatoes, etc. I was remarkably unstuffed and I am still disappointed that I didn't get a run in this morning because I was so goddamn tired. How can sleeping 9 hours equal being more exhausted than I thought possible? I feel like it was that way all week. I think getting up early even though it's hard is turning out to be better than sleeping in!

Anyway. Wednesday work was pretty busy with the catching up, but most of the stuff was taken care of and I had a good handle on everything. We made about $10,000 less than last year for a variety of reasons. And I discovered some of my volunteers did a bad job on one aspect, but it was certainly a lesson learned and wasn't a huge deal overall.

I visited with Mark who is now on his 5th admission to my hospital. He had surgery last week to clean up an infection that had gotten to the bone. Now he is on bedrest for 3 weeks with 2 weeks after that of wheelchair rehab. He's doing pretty well so far. I left my desk around 3:30 or so and talked with him until 5. It was good. Then I went to the gym to wait out traffic a bit, then we headed to the Moose to hang out. Nothing big.

We have a busy week or so coming up, with a concert Friday night, my 10 YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION on Saturday, Nada Surf concert on Thursday, a work xmas party on friday, and 2 xmas parties on saturday, the last 3 of which I am alone for, as Kale is in Hartford. Bummer.

I have no idea what to wear to my HS reunion. I don't feel too nervous about it, really, but I'd love to show off my hard work somehow. Probably a dress will be the way to go despite freezing to death. So Kale made it pretty clear that he is definitely taking me to his reunion, as last time he had no one to bring. That means I will bring him to mine. I don't really want to because I don't want to ignore him...but it will be fun to have him there, and I am sure he will enjoy himself. Oh, and i get ignored at bball shit all the time so what is the diff? I don't know who else is going because I can't see the attendees list, but me, mandy and trish will have fun i am sure. I will work on the ride situation via kale, too...

I have to work Friday, which I am slightly disappointed about. Stoopid hospitals. I did just have vacation so I shouldn't complain, plus it will be nice and quiet with only me and Kerry around, no big boss.

Hope everyone had a lovely turkey day!
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10:54am 17/11/2008

Originally uploaded by marimbagrrl
Tricis and Travis are MARRIED!!
It was lovely, but I have ZERO time to write about it. I just wanted to show some pictures.
Also, my halloween pictures are in this flickr thing so you can see Mandy as a scary Jersey Devil thingy.
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Phillies Parade!   
12:19pm 31/10/2008

Originally uploaded by marimbagrrl
Some coworkers and I got hooked up with a good, safe, uncrowded place to watch the parade right at 18th and Market. It was great! Most of my pictures are taken through a window so they aren't perfect, but we had a great view!

Kale came in with me to work on the bus and he went right down to the stadium to do his press credential work. Kerry got on the press bus, which was the first bus to go through, and it's bullshit because he is a Red Sox fan. Pat Burrell was the grand marshall i think and was on the Budweiser clydesdale cart. I could see the Phanatic, Larry Anderson, Scott Franzke, Scott Palmer, Cole Hamels, Brett Myers. I couldn't spot many other people but I know they were there!

Once the parade went through with the last cops, the crowd broke through all the barriers and followed them down to the stadium. I don't know how Kale is ever going to get home because there is probably at least a million people down there right now. Man.

Tonight is the Henri David ball, which should be a trip too. Cheryl is coming but she had a terrible night last night. She was supposed to be selling her house on Monday and moving into a new apartment at Waterfront Square. I'm not sure how all the conversations went down, but basically she got totally screwed out of her apartment for a couple reasons. One, the agent didn't complete the paperwork. Two, she never insisted on seeing a signed agreement, probably because she thought she was dealing with professionals. Three, the owners are saying they want more money per month. Four, they say they have a person willing to pay more per month but that person is only staying 4-6 months. Five, they have someone who is currently leasing the place but not living there (!?!). Six, she is going to stay there for a year and a half lease. What a pain.

So we'll probably head down together at some point. I am allowed to leave work now and will go shop for my costume amongst the insanity. Ugh, I hope everything will be ok. Kale is stuck at the stadium with no subway running so that really blows.
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Go Phillies!   
05:37pm 30/10/2008

Go Phillies!
Originally uploaded by marimbagrrl
Photos from the World Series post-party, my work pumpkin, and other stuff.
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12:20pm 21/09/2008
  1:54:33!! I beat my last half marathon by 6 minutes! My average pace was about an 8:50 or 8:45. I'm very proud! And very tired.

Last night I fortunately was falling asleep on the sofa at 10 so it was easy to get to sleep. We got up around 6 or so, and headed downtown around 7, later than I intended we go. It was cold, but I knew it would warm up, and it did even as we waited in a super-long line for the bathroom. During that wait they rang the buzzer and the race started but we were still in line to pee! That's alright because it's by chip time, not gun time. I only ended up being 10 minutes behind the gun, but was really disappointed we had to start in the back of the pack and weave our way up.
It was tough because of that, plus the city streets, trying to get further up more where we should have been. Jumping curbs and stuff like that was potentially the worst idea ever so I stopped doing that for fear of falling and effing up my legs.
Around mile 4 the left side near my stomach hurt, i felt a little dizzy and was worried. but it cleared and i was ok for the rest of the race! I was able to zone out a bunch of times. I didn't need water until mile 6, so i should have gotten it earlier than that probably. I didn't try one of those gels because my intestines were already wrecked up. I kinda needed to use the bathroom but every time i passed one i convinced myself i could wait until the next time. I never ended up stopping.
I think the last 3-4 miles were fantastic and the last 1 mile was really really tough. my legs were killing me in the last mile and there is this little hill you have to go up that feels like a mountain.
Other than that, I was running straight up, feeling great for most of it, having so much adrenaline I think I could have run a million miles an hour! Then it dropped. Ha. My legs were actually pretty good and hurt a little bit. It certainly could have been worse!!
I'm really proud of myself!
Kale did 2:02. I beat him by a lot. We lost each other at the 3-mile water stop. He stopped, I didn't, and those things are confusing anyways. My friend Cheryl came to watch but never saw us, unfortunately. We caught up after and she gave us the sign she made us..."Suz runs for beer" on one side, and "Kale runs with her" on the other. Very cute!
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08:14pm 20/09/2008
  I'm nervous about tomorrow. I'm worried my tummy will decide to be evil suddenly and that I will be miserable in some way. I'm worried my leg will hurt so bad I will have to stop. I'm hopeful I will make my goal of under 2 hours and I am too afraid to put in the numbers in the pace calculator to figure out what I COULD do if I kept my good pace.
ok, maybe I will look. I'm curious.

We went to a bbq today in jersey. It was nice. My pasta salad was super tasty! I got to hold a baby for a while. Now we're home, my race stuff is all put together and I'm good to go.

You can track my run at www.ingphiladelphiadistancerun.com and I am bib number 8862. I am pretty sure it tells you how fast I am going at the 5K, halfway point and end. I think in the marathon it didn't work, but hopefully now it does.

Good luck to jakshadows and my other friends in the race tomorrow!!
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Oh Em Gee!! Septa wrote me back!   
02:57pm 11/09/2008
  Dear Ms. S,

Our Service Planning Department reports that passenger counts in the Spring
indicated that for most of the day, the articulated buses were not required
on Rt.#27. Read more...Collapse )
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